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Marina Otero’s catharsis

The director, performer and author presentes ‘Fuck Me’in Teatro Regio, the third part of a trilogy that explores her personal history from different points of view.

Lunes 27 de enero de 2020

One of the most complete artists of the Buenos Aires theatre scene, she has lately spent a long time on bedrest, almost immobilized. ‘I wrote by recording audio from my bed’, she says sitting in her balcony, still very impaired in her movement. ‘Fuck Me’, the show that she is staging in Teatro Regio, is the outcome of an operation she had to endure due to a problem in her spine.

‘For a dancer, to stop dancing is also to experience the death of her youth’ says the author and performer. In this sense, ‘Fuck Me’ was conceived as the final work of her ‘Recordar para Vivir’ (To Remember in Order to Live) series and it deals specifically with how her physical impossibility led to a piece that she defines as ‘an auto-fiction, a performance and a spectacular conference’ with songs by Ricardo Montaner and Sandro. ‘There’s dance, music, words.. Show, between inverted commas. There’s video footage of the creative process. That’s how through five male dancers (men being one of my obsessions), I link this physical handicap with things from my past.’

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