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La Gioia, Italian madness

The piece that will be staged at Teatro Coliseo, by one of Europe’s most charismatic and controversial authors of contemporary theatre, rides on extreme emotions and features a dazzlingly beautiful floral exhibition.

Jueves 30 de enero de 2020

Pippo Delbono is a creator gifted with a unique style, both powerfully visual and politically charged. He dares to take on everything; the Church, the State, television, immigration, war. That is why the show he will present in Buenos Aires works around joy, the most beautiful, mysterious and fleeting of feelings. It is a journey around extreme emotions: anguish, pain, happiness, enthusiasm. Sound, images, movement and dance are infused with the magic of the Circus, with the colours of clowns, and the melancholy of Tango. A mixture of multiple visions, hundreds of paper boats, colourful fabric bags, and even a floral explosion.

La Gioia presents shrill bouffons, sad clowns, fits of rage and tableaus of calm. And flowers, tons of flowers: a beautiful flower explosion created by Thierry Boutemy, also responsible for the arrangements that adorned the film Marie Antoinette, by Sofía Coppola. Why so many flowers? Delbono replies: ‘Flowers evoke life, but also death. They are beautiful, but they wither away quickly. I created this show at a delicate time, a period of suffering from which I am still recovering. That´s where the search for joy comes from’.

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