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A story of Abasto

The last day of the festival will take place in one of B.A’s most emblematic neighbourhoods. A trip through its history until the present day reaffirms its identity as the theatrical heart of the city.

Jueves 30 de enero de 2020

The closing day of the festival will be imbued by the very porteño airs of a magical and mysterious urban landscape, the theatrical heart of the city. This neighbourhood which doesn’t appear on a map (because it is actually located where Almagro meets Balvanera), has its own history marked by Carlos Gardel (the ‘morocho from Abasto’ to the world) and the great fruit and vegetable market that gave it its name. Nowadays a shopping centre, the market is an iconic building that has kept its beautiful and imposing architecture right in the centre of the neighbourhood.

From the beginning of the 90’s there has also been a consistent regeneration and revaluing of the area both in a material and symbolic way, with attractions that go from a solid and influential theatre circuit strengthened throughout the years, to art centres, a varied gastronomic scene and the aura of its ever present porteño vibe. The proliferation of alternative spaces took place in houses, patios, basements, abandoned and refurbished shops (carpenters’, garages, DIY shops and even unused factories) that were converted and adapted into small theatres.

Sobre medios en la Ciudad