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Hermaphrodyte: an association of talents

Artist and director Alfredo Arias, together with dancers and performers Mayra Bonard and Carlos Casella, come together in Hermaphrodyte to tackle issues around sexual identity and society’s impositions from a contemporary perspective.

Martes 28 de enero de 2020

Hermaphrodyte is one of the Festival’s big attractions. Directed by Alfredo Arias, Mayra Bonard and Carlos Casella, it is the product of a collaboration between FIBA and the Festival Buenos Aires Danza Contemporánea (the Contemporary Dance Festival of Buenos Aires) and it will be on at MALBA (The Museum of Latin American Art) on Monday 27 and Wednesday 29. The piece brings together theatrical dramaturgy and choreographic experience and it is based on the story of Herculine Barbin, also known as Alexine B, a French hermaphrodyte living in the XVIII century whose memoirs have been reedited to include a preface by Michel Foucault.

‘This is an atypical, plural project. A creative society formed by three people that results in a piece on the frontier between dance and theatre. A performance conference.’ says Carlos Casella, one of the creators. ‘The central question is who determines who we are in terms of sexual identity. I would say this is an ancestral issue which can now be reflected upon in contemporary terms, at a time when individual freedoms can be expanded.’

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