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FIBA’s opening night was was a party!

Take a look at the images of the festival’s opening night

Lunes 27 de enero de 2020

The 13th edition of FIBA started yesterday with the premiere of El Publico by Mariano Pensotti taking place in three venues simultaneously (El Cultural San Martín y el Teatro San Martín) and a performance party in Defensa street to the sounds of 80’s hits, Latin music and Los Amados. In addition to this, audiences were able to enjoy performances and tours in Librería de Ávila and Farmacia la estrella and much more.

The Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires (FIBA) brings together the very best of contemporary theatre, dance, music and visual arts. It is also one of the most important cultural events in the region due not only to the calibre of its international guests but also to the local productions it showcases.

This edition of FIBA has increased both the amount of venues it takes place in and also the number of plays, activities and artists taking part. There will be 24 more venues hosting the festival and the amount of artists and shows programmed across the 10 days will also be multiplied.

This year the Festival chooses again the neighbourhood of Abasto for its grand closure on Saturday 1 January. During that afternoon and evening over 31 theatres and cultural centres of the area will host FIBA. In addition to this, bars, restaurants, hairdressers’, car washes, underground stations, building façades, and private balconies will become FIBA venues too.

Enjoy a summer in which the city becomes a stage!

From january 23 to february 1

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