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FIBA 2012: with some unprecedented deployment of technologies, Comizid’amore #BuenosAires will open the Festival

The play from the Kepler-452 group will begin the Festival on Friday 26th at 9pm, in the Mandarine Cultural Tent venue.

Lunes 22 de febrero de 2021

The program of the 2021 Buenos Aires International Festival (FIBA) will begin spectacularly. Italian stage designer architect Emanuele Sinisi, a unique and talented European artist, will be in charge of the production of the series #PandemicTheatre, which will be held at the Mandarine Cultural Tent venue located at the Punta Carrasco Complex. It is also the world premiere of this device in tangible format, made up of a circle of cars (occupied by the audience members) that light the artists with their own headlights, unfolding a 360º scene.

On Friday 26th at 9pm, the opening of the Festival will take place with Comizi d’amore #BuenosAires. The project is based on the documentary Love Meetings (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1965), in which existential questions such as love, sexuality, family, affection and the taboos in Italy at the time are posed, crossing the personal perspective with a wider political context.

With a resignification of those subjects comes Comizi d’amore #BuenosAires, directed by the group Kepler-452, founded in Bologna in 2015—it is a risky approach starring representatives from dissident groups and social minorities, which poses questions about love and sexuality and makes the inhabitants of the City of Buenos Aires and their opinions part of the show.

Don’t miss it! Make your reservation here or watch it live through Vivamos Cultura.

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