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Ciudanza: the art of bringing dance closer to the community

During the weekend, hundreds of people were able to enjoy different choreographic pieces in various public spaces.

Jueves 30 de enero de 2020

Ciudanza has the goal of bringing dance closer to the community and generating thought-provoking debate around public spaces and performance art. You could say it is a festival in itself, within the great festival that is FIBA. On this last edition Ciudanza took place on the newly built Paseo del Bajo, in the Parque de la Estación and on the crossing between Plaza Lavalle and Pres. Roque Sáenz Peña street. In these locations you could watch choreographic pieces that encouraged awareness about the use of public spaces as sites of coexistence, creativity and artistic laboratories.

Under the January sun and enjoying the weekend heat, people showed up to the different sites of Ciudanza to watch the diverse selection of work on display. Swing, freestyle, contemporary dance and many other styles were present in the shows. There were also workshops, master classes and lots more.

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