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The Market

A window onto the world for national theatre production.

Since the last edition, FIBA has strengthened its traditional section called The Market/FIBA. This year it is again one of the Festival’s main focuses, seeking to help artists get a leg up in the international festival market. As part of this new initiative, a larger number of festivals and theatres were called to accompany our careful selection of national productions and works in progress.

The Market/FIBA is held throughout the Festival, and visiting programmers will be able to choose from Selected Productions, Invited Productions and Co-Productions, in addition to some works from Latin America and others from the Abasto Marathon and Ciudanza sections. Carefully understanding the difficulties that the industry faces, through this initiative FIBA seeks to encourage a platform for creating future work opportunities abroad, by selling previously premiered productions and stage projects that can be developed from a local idea in other territories, something that is gaining currency in the international performing arts scene. For these purposes, in addition to the traditional showcases, there will be a series of business roundtables, breakfasts and several casual meetups in the evening.