Rules and Regulation

Objet of the contest

The Buenos Aires City Hall summons an INTERNATIONALCONTESTOFNEWROSES, to which the obtainers all over the world are invited.

This International Contest will grant awards to new varieties of outdoor roses, which will be judged not only for the beauty of the flower itself, but also for the strength and sturdiness of the plant, its resistance to diseases, the abundance of flowering, the endurance of the colour and the flowers scent .

The new varieties are judged regarding their quality as garden rosebushes but as cut flowers

As well.

This Contest is subject to the following rules and regulations :

1 - Conditions and Participation

  • On enrolment, all competitors shall declare that they have read and understood the present regulations and agree to abide by them without any reservation.
  • Rosebushes are to be classified in five (5) types, following the international classification or modern garden roses approved in the World Congress of Rose Societies held in October 1981 in Jerusalem.

    1 - HT
    Low rosebushes, including hybrid tea roses and Grandifloras.
    2 – FLOR / POL
    Low rosebushes, Floribundas, Polyanthas.
    3 – MIN
    Miniature rosebushes.
    4 – LCL
    Climbing roses.
    5 – S

  • HT, FLOR, POL or MIN must have five (5) plants and LCL or S must have three (3) plants.
  • The Permanent Committee will exclude the varieties which exceed this number, according to the order of inscription or arrival.

2 - Shipment conditions

  • All roses who wish to enterthe Contest, must send their rosebushes between March 15thto August 30th .
  • The rosebushes must be shipped, free of charges to :

    Dirección de Padrinazgos
    Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
    El Rosedal de Palermo
    Avda Pedro Montt s/n
    BUENOS AIRES (1475)

  • All rosebushes must be sent bare rooted and free of soil.
  • All shipments must have the necessary phytosanitary certificate signed by competent authorithy in the country of origin.
  • The new varieties must be presentedanonymously, for wich each plant will be labeled in the following manner : Classification according to the above mentioned types : HT, FLOR, POL, MIN, LCL or S.
  • Two or more capital letters substituting the name of the grower.
  • One or two numbers replacing the name of the variety.
  • With the written shipment notice, a lacquerwd envelope shall be enclosed for each variety presented in the Contest, showing the following details :

    On the outside :

    a) The letters and numbers of the labels.

    In the inside :

    a) Name and address of the grower.
    b) Commercial name of the variety and / or varietal code.
    c) A document in which the grower agrees not to commercialize the variety before the awards of the Contest are published.
    d) The methods followed for obtaining the variety.
    e) The name of its parents.
    f) Such details as the participant feels useful to describe the novelty of the rosebush.

  • Failure to comply with any of these requirements shall be sufficient to disqualify the varieties presented.

3 - Reception of Rose bushes

  • Upon reception of rosebushes, a receipt will be extended to the grower, indicating the condition in which the plants have been received.
  • Low rosebushes and miniatures will be judged the second year after planting, while climbers and shrubs will be judged on the third year.
  • The rosebushes will be planted in a place specially prepared for this Contest in the Rosedal de Palermo and will be cared in the usual way for outdoor roses.

4 - Juries

  • There will be three Juries :
    • Jury of Honour
    • Jury of International Experts
    • Permanent Committee
  • These juries shall be appointed by the Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires.
  • President of the Jury of Honour shall be the Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires orwhoever he appoints.
  • The members of the Jury of International Experts will be named among foreing and argentine experts. Each year, the members of this Jurywill choose among them their Executive President.
  • The Permanent Committee shall be composed by local experts who will be part of the Jury of International Experts, with voice and vote.


  • The Permanent Committee shall examine the varieties presented at the Contest as many times as it judges adequate, being underobligation to issuethree (3) annual notes the first year and two (2) the second year, before the Contest is held.
  • The Third year, the Commission shall make two (2 ) supplementary visits fortypes LCL and S.
  • On each visit the Permanent Committee will judge each variety considering the following aspects :

    1. Vegetation and grouth - 0 to 10 points
    2. Blooming, abundance, reflowering - 0 to 10 points
    3. Durability of colour - 0 to 10 points
    4. Diseases resistance - 0 to 10 points
    5. Scent - 0 to 10 points
    6. Beauty of the bud and the flower - 0 to 10 points
    7. Aesthetics of the whole plant and flowers - 0 to10 points
    8. Novelty - 0 to 10 points

  • The Jury of International Experts shall meet on the appointed day to hold the NEWROSE INTERNATIONAL CONTEST, electing its Executive President.
  • The Permanent Committee shall present the results awarded during the 2 or 3 years, also pointing out the varieties to be eliminated for the following reasons:

    a ) Withdrawal by the grower before the contest.
    b ) Failure to meet requirements.
    c ) Loss of two (2) or more plants for insufficient rooting in the case of miniature and low rosebushes, and more than one (1) for shrubs and climbers.
    d ) Having obtained less than 25 points in the score of the Permanent Committee.

  • The Jury of International Experts shall examine the pre-qualified varieties giving each of them a score.
  • The Jury of Honour shall gather the scores granted by the Jury of International Experts, proceeding to open the lacquered envelopes to announce the names of the prize winners.

6 - Awards

The awards will be :

For each variety :


Over all varieties :

  • Best scented rose Cup
  • Ladies Cup

These awards may be accumulated by varieties obtaining medals.

7 - Exhibition of the awards winning varieties

  • Once the results have been published, growers may recover the varieties submitted to the Contest. They shall submit a written request to do so within the following 60 days after the day of the Contest. Plants will be returned at their charge.
  • After the above period of two ( 2 ) months, unclaimed specimens shall become property of the City of Buenos Aires.
The government of the City of Buenos Aires will not reproduce any variety without permissionfrom the grower.