Audiovideoteca de Escritores de Buenos Aires


The Audiovisual Archive is a center of audiovisual production focused in the preservation, conservation, catalogue and publishing of contemporary Argentinean culture.

It is constituted by:

- Audiovisual interviews —produced by its own team— focused on the lives of the artists and on the creative process of the different disciplines: Literature, Theater, Visual Arts, Music and Movies.

- A documental base that includes audio and video recordings of TV and radio programs, readings, conferences, exhibitions, theater plays, documentaries and films on life and work of Argentinean writers, visual artists, theater personalities and musicians.

Public attention area:

In order to watch
the audiovisual material,
arrange and appointment:
* Monday to Friday,
from 2 to 6 pm.
* by phone: 4806-1659/1647.
* by e-mail

Centro Cultural Recoleta

Jorge Macchi Biography

Nace en Buenos Aires en 1963. Desde 1987 realiza muestras colectivas e individuales en el país y el exterior.
Recibió los premios Fundación Nuevo Mundo, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (1990), el Diploma al mérito de la Fundación Konex (1992); el Primer Premio Braque, de la Fundación Banco Patricios (1993); el Primer Premio Banco de la Nación Argentina (2000).
Obtuvo la Beca Guggenheim en 2001 y participó del envío argentino a la Bienal de San Pablo, Brasil en 2004; y a la Bienal de Venecia en 2005.

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